The Flow of Words.2017.Mineral pigments on Kumohada Mashi. gold leaf.H127xW333cm.Junko O'Neill
On Your Marks.2012.Mixed media on board.H100xW60cm.Junko O'Neill
Summer,Night,Rainbows.2013.Mixed media on panel.H100wx110cm.Junko O'Neill
Shower of Rainbow.2014.Mixed media on panel.H110xW100cm.Junko O'Neill
Golden Path.2014.Mixed media on canvas.H100xW110cm.Junko O'Neill
Double Moon-Waiting.2014.Oil on canvas.H61xW46cm.Junko O'Neill
Found.2011.Oil on canvas.H110xW71cm.Junko O'Neill
Promise.2012.Oil on canvas.H41xW31cm.Junko O'Neill
Labyrinth.2009.Mixed media on canvas.H120xW100cm.Junko O'Neill