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U (solo show)
An exhibition of contemporary abstract paintings inspired by traditional Japanese patterns
11–29 October 2023
  Burgh House

  New End Square, Hampstead, London NW3 1LT 
  Exhibition opening hours: Wed–Fri & Sun,10am–4pm
  Painting demonstrations: Sun15 & Thu 19 October,12–3pm 
  Press release

Japanese Sumi-e painting workshops
Sumi-e painting is an art form expressed simply with Sumi ink, brush and water. This Autumn, my fellow studio artist Tony Spencer and I will be running workshops of this meditative art practice at the Arc, Winchester. 
  1) Saturday 21 October, 1-3pm
      Introduction to Japanese Sumi-e painting 'Orchids'
  (Sold out)

  2) Thursday 9 November, 10am–12pm
      Introduction to Japanese Sumi-e painting 'Bamboo'
Venue: The Arc,
Jewry Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8SB
Fees per workshop £45.
We will provide everything you will need for the workshop.
Please note we will be using liquid Sumi-ink due to time constraints.
If interested, please book via the Arc's links above.

Half-day Sumi-e painting workshops

For those who wish to learn Sumi-e painting in more depth and in a smaller group (up to 4 people), I will also be running half-day workshops in a location in Winchester (tba) on the following dates:

  1. ‘Wild Orchids on Rock’  
    Saturday 4 November 2023,11am-3pm, £90pp

  2. Bamboo in the Wind
    Thursday 18 January 2024,11am-3pm, £90pp (Sold out)

The workshop will cover: How to use ink stick and ink stone, How to choose Sumi-e materials and how to look after them, How to prepare different shades of Sumi ink, How to use different brushes to create different effects and Using different types of paper.

Alternatively, if you can make up a group of 4, I can run a private workshop to suit your schedule.

To book a half-day workshop, please email me at


Homewards (solo show)
23–28 November 2023
   Gallery Mar

Sumi-e material layout.jpg
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